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Maine Coon is a popular cat known all over the world. It is the largest cat breed among cats kept as pets. Maine Coon is said to be a cat native to the United States, and New England is the origin. It is a cat that has high learning ability, is faithful to its owner, and is very easy to train, and is also very suitable for beginners. It is also a very popular cat in North America, as American traders tend to keep this Maine Coon. I like to work with my owner, so I recommend this cat to those who are lonely.


Place of origin

Maine Coon is a cat born in the United States.


Maine Coon is a cat native to the United States. Maine Coon is the oldest known naturally occurring cat breed in the New England region of the United States. There is a theory that it was born by mating a semi-wild cat and a raccoon. By 1980, Maine Coon was registered with pedigree registration organizations such as TICA and CFA. Since the beginning of the 1900s, Persian cats have become popular around the world, and Maine Coon has become less popular. However, since the latter half of the 1900s, it has become a popular cat again, and it has become a frequent appearance at cat shows.


Maine Coon is 100 cm long, males weigh 6-8 kg, and females weigh 4-6 kg. The body is thick, muscular and solid. The body is long and the chest is wide, and the muscles and skeleton are strong. Maine Coon has a wide head and a rounded wedge shape. There is a particularly long coat around the neck and abdomen. The coat color is “black” “white” “red” “blue” “cream”, and the pattern is “solid” “tabi” “silver & golden” “smoke & shaded” “party color” “calico & bicolor” “Tabby & White” is accepted. Maine Coon is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as “the longest cat in the world” and “the longest cat in the world”.


Maine Coon is a mild-mannered and easy-to-follow cat breed. It is a cat that can deal well with other cats and animal species, and does not have much fighting. Due to his clever personality, he can also use the toilet method and prevent him from biting or scratching unnecessarily. Maine Coon is a cat that prefers to eat with fellow cats and humans and wants to act together rather than doing something alone. It can be said that it has a special personality among cats. Males and females have different personalities, and males express affection, so it is very easy to understand, but unlike males, females are cautious and calm.


Maine Coon is a very smart kind of cat, and you can learn many things by disciplining it.


Maine Coon can live around 14 years. Cats have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years, so they are a relatively long-lived cat breed.

Compatibility with traders

Maine Coon is a cat that likes to act together and wants to sleep and eat together. Many traders are always lonely and lonely, so it goes very well with Maine Coon. Also, Maine Coon is a very intelligent cat, and by training it, you can learn various disciplines. Therefore, it is very easy for traders to keep and train. This cat is especially liked by North Americans.

Breeding tools

If you keep a Maine Coon, make sure you have at least the following tools.

As for food, there is cat food, so please give it.

Cat food

Bring a carry bag when you go to the veterinary clinic.

Cat Carry bag

Toilet tools are a must for cats.

Cat Toilet

Let’s prepare a bed exclusively for cats.

Cat Bed

Cats are animals that do not exercise themselves, so it would be nice to have exercise equipment.

Cat Tower