[Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies] Owl healing necessary for investment traders


Whether it’s stocks, forex or cryptocurrencies, traders are always in a world of intense stress. You can make big profits with each trade, but you can also lose big. It’s a profession that is constantly under pressure and can be said to be much more mentally burdensome than other professions. Since it is such a profession, healing animals such as owls are important. It will heal the trader’s painful mental state.


Traders are mentally burdensome professions

Whether it’s stocks, Forex or cryptocurrencies, the profession of a trader is under heavy load. People in the profession of such traders need moderate healing. It’s hard to live under the mental pressure every day. At such times, animals become partners who heal their hearts.


Unlike other animals, it is important that owls do not touch and do not over-interfere. It is an animal that has a different tendency from pet animals that are familiar to humans, such as dogs, cats, and parakeets. It is a creature that has a strong meaning of living together rather than playing together.


There are the following types of owls.

Snowy owlAn owl famous as a companion to the main character in the movie Harry Potter series.
Northern White-faced OwlThe gray coat color is very beautiful and I have the most favorite coat color among owls.
European scops owlAn owl that is small but has sharp eyes.
Barn owlIt’s very popular because it appears in Harry Potter.
Little owlAn owl with a relatively small body length.
Burrowing owlAn owl that is only about 25 centimeters in length.
Spectacled owlThe pattern around the eyes looks like wearing glasses.
Sunda scops owlIt is a relatively small owl.
Brazilian pygmy owlA very small owl.
Western screech owlIt has a small body with big eyes and a small shape.
Boreal owlAlthough it is medium-sized, it has large black eyes in gold.
Long-eared owlIt has wing horns that extend long like rabbit ears.
Ural owlIt is a face that is clearly bordered by big black and clear eyes.
Blakiston’s owlThe world’s largest owl.
Bengal Eagle OwlIt is a medium-sized owl and is powerful.

Owl personality

Owls, which are purebred wild and have delicate nerves, do not miss people very much. Therefore, it is not an animal to play with. It is an animal that is positioned as a cohabitant.

Owl life

Small species are 10 to 15 years old and large species are 15 to 40 years old.

Owl breeding

Around March-April, eggs are laid directly in the burrows without using nest material. Females lay 2-4 white eggs every 1-3 days and incubate for a period of 28-35 days.

Owl breeding costs

Owls cost around $ 20000 if they have been bred for 30 years.

Owl breeding

Owls must have a perch.


A carry bag is a must when going to a veterinary clinic.


Owls need food.


An air purifier is a must.