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Bitterz is a cryptocurrency exchange that started operation in April 2020. The strength is that you can trade with a maximum leverage of 888 times, and you can aim for high profits. You can trade with 15 currency pairs, but it may be a little less than other companies. Opening an account is very simple and you can create an account in about 1 minute. We also have frequent bonus campaigns and are highly recommended. Since we have adopted zero cut for trading, there is no risk of having debt.


Email support

If you have any trouble, you can usually contact us by live chat or email, but the response is very fast. Bitterz’s strength is that it also accepts telephone support in some cases. Business hours are 10-17 o’clock on weekdays, Japan time.

Inquiry methodContents
EmailBitterz accepts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the official page, so you can send without worrying about the time. In most cases, you will receive a reply within a day.
Live chatBitterz is accepted during business hours on the official page. Use it if you want an immediate answer.
phoneIf you find it difficult to respond by email, you can respond by phone. Only during business hours.

Supported language

The following languages are supported (on the official page). It may be a little less than other companies.

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese

Withdrawal method

Legal tender is not allowed. BTC is the only withdrawal method for Bitterz. Bitterz also has no withdrawal fees. Please note that withdrawals are limited to 10 BTC per month.

The withdrawal procedure is the fund transfer page on the left side of My Page, and transfer funds to the BTC wallet. Next, on the withdrawal page, enter the wallet address of the withdrawal destination and the withdrawal amount to request a withdrawal application.

Payment method

There are several ways to deposit and withdraw Bitterz. Please see the list.

Payment methodCommissionReflection days
Credit card (VISA / MasterCard / JCB) freeImmediately
BTC freeImmediately or several hours
ETH freeImmediately or several hours
USDT freeImmediately or several hours
USDC freeImmediately or several hours

Full support

Bitterz is a cryptocurrency exchange that can also handle telephone calls, so it has much better support than other companies. Also, there are more deposit methods than other companies, so it may be easier to do.