[Stocks, FX, virtual currencies] Market price movements are like cats


Market charts for stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, etc. are very capricious. Basically, a big direction is born only when you feel like it, and when you think you have gone, you come back. Most of the market charts are said to be in the range, and it is said that about 10% of them are in the direction. The market is very similar to a cat because it is very capricious, selfish, and a mood maker. The market price is the same, just as cats are pampered by their owners only when they feel like it.


The Japanese yen market in March 2022 is rare

March 2022 The Japanese yen exchange rate is clearly abnormal. A big surge occurred in most of the markets, and it was a market that would definitely make a profit if you bought it for the time being. As you can see from the past charts, such a market price is a big change in whether it happens once a year or not, and it does not happen so many times. This also applies to stocks and virtual currencies. You need to know that you are only witnessing the historic crash of the Japanese yen, not a daily occurrence.

Most quotes are in the range

Basically, when the market moves up, it goes down, when it goes down, it goes up, and when it goes, it goes back. It’s rare to get direction. Therefore, even if you go forward, you basically come back, and you don’t have to be angry or sad. Being not emotional is the biggest secret to keeping profits stable in trading. The market is capricious. If you don’t feel like it, you will come back again and again. It’s also very carefree, so it’s important not to trade when things go wrong. The world of trading does not mean that you can win if you enter for the time being.

Suppress emotions

The market price represents human emotions. The chart goes up and down depending on whether you are happy or sad. Fighting in such a market depends on being able to suppress your emotions to the following. If you start to get angry, you will be drunk by the market and you will be killed. It’s all about how you can trade with a sense of normality.

The market price is the same as a cat. It moves a lot only when you feel better. Cats will be pampered by their owners. When the owner touches the cat, he may get angry and scratch or bite. To avoid getting caught, don’t touch until you have your own winning pattern. If you enter for the time being, most of them will come back or you will be cut off. It is important to wait until you have your own winning pattern.