[Stocks, FX] Market price turbulent due to war


On February 24, 2022, Russia declared war on Ukraine, and Ukraine was invaded by Russia. Currently, various parts of Ukraine have been bombed and some civilians have died. Russia is openly waging war without worrying about economic sanctions by each country. As a result, both the foreign exchange market and the stock market are undergoing major fluctuations, which is confusing. At the same time, the possibility of World War has emerged, and tensions continue.


War situation

Ukraine is currently undergoing a blitzkrieg by Russia and has been bombed in Kiev, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Donpas and elsewhere. Russian troops are bombing mainly on Ukrainian military facilities. In the Donpas region, ground battles between Russian and Ukrainian troops are underway. According to Putin, “I don’t want to conquer Ukraine” and “I’m only targeting combat bases,” but civilians have already died a lot, which sounds like an excuse. ..

Russia has no enemies

The reason why Russia can declare war and attack is that Western European countries such as the United States continue to take an uncertain stance.


Currently, NATO troops are gathering a few troops in Eastern Europe, but the intention of NATO headquarters is not clear and Russia cannot be deterred. Russia can easily attack by showing a stubborn attitude.


In the United States, Biden is indecisive, and because the main force of the US military is gathered in the Pacific Ocean due to Chinese sanctions, it is not possible to devote military power to Eastern Europe. This facilitates Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The United States is forced into a two-sided operation and is in a difficult situation.


The existence of China is one of the reasons why Russia can easily invade Ukraine. Russia and China have a fairly close relationship, and because China is aiming to invade Taiwan and Japan, it is possible to disperse the attention of its opponents, Western Europe and the United States.

The real threat is China

“If you miss the invasion of Ukraine, you will miss the invasion of Taiwan,” said Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, and it is clear that Western countries are more concerned about China than Russia. The reason, as I wrote in the article below, is that China continues to invade in all directions and is far more threatening than Russia. If China takes this opportunity to launch attacks on Taiwan and Japan, it will be 100% World War.

Possibility of peace

Unfortunately, the possibility of peace has disappeared. The US-Russia foreign ministers’ talks have been cancelled due to Russia’s use of force. We are in a situation where we can only hope for a solution by force.

Future market forecast

Many people are worried about World War because it is currently in a state of war and may spread all over the world. The current market price will be such that Japanese yen and US dollar will be bought if there is a strong rebound.

Economic sanctions

The G7 countries have already imposed the first economic sanctions, but the sanctions are very light and have no effect on Russia. Perhaps in the near future, fairly heavy sanctions will be announced, which will move the market.

Military sanctions

Russia’s military power is over 200,000, making it one of the largest battles in Europe since World War II. Therefore, for now, Russia is free to do whatever it wants, and I think that it will be possible to invest the military power of Western Europe and the United States in the future. Even at that timing, the market price is expected to move significantly.