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BitFinex is a cryptocurrency exchange established by a Hong Kong company. It is one of the largest overseas exchanges in the world and handles over 200 currencies, so you can trade minor coins that you have never heard of. A hacking incident occurred in 2016, but since then we have strengthened our security system and are operating safely. It requires users to enter not only their ID and password, but also a two-step verification app or a physical verification key to prevent unauthorized access by anyone other than themselves. It is also the world’s largest exchange for Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume.


Email support

If you have any trouble, you can usually contact us by live chat or email, but the response is very fast. BitFinex unfortunately does not support phone support.

Inquiry methodContents
Email BitFinex accepts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the official page, so you can send without worrying about the time. In most cases, you will receive a reply within a day.
Live chat BitFinex is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the official page. Use it if you want an immediate answer.

Supported language

The following languages are supported (on the official page). It may be a little less than other companies.

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Russian

Withdrawal method

Legal tender is not allowed. Click “Withdraw” from the official top page, select the virtual currency brand you want to withdraw in “CRYPTOCURRENCY”, enter the withdrawal destination address in “Address”, and enter the amount of virtual currency remittance in “Send Amount”. “From” selects which wallet to send money from. Finally, click “Request Withdrawl”, and after two-step verification and email verification, the withdrawal procedure will be completed. Withdrawal fees vary depending on the virtual currency. See below.

currencyWithdrawal fee

Payment method

Legal tender is not allowed. BitFinex does not charge any deposit fees. Click “Deposite” from the official top page and select the cryptocurrency brand you want to deposit from “CRYPTO CURRENCIES”. Get the address of “Exchange Wallet”. When you click “Click to generate address”, the deposit address will be displayed. Please deposit the virtual currency to that address from another virtual currency exchange or wallet.

Full support

Since the recent hacking incident, BitFinex has established a security system, so you can trade with confidence.