[Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies] Healing parakeets necessary for investment traders


Traders are always under pressure, whether it’s currency, stocks or cryptocurrencies. Unlike other professions, I always have a lot of stress in professions where I have to worry about big market trends. Therefore, it is a profession that traders need healing. Parakeets are by far the most popular birds. It is an animal that can live for more than 10 years if it is well managed, and it is a highly recommended healing animal.


Traders are mentally burdensome professions

Whether it’s stocks, Forex or cryptocurrencies, the profession of a trader is under heavy load. People in the profession of such traders need moderate healing. It’s hard to live under the mental pressure every day. At such times, animals become partners who heal their hearts.


Parakeets are birds of the parakeet family. It is relatively small in size and is basically a seed-eating herbivore. Wild parakeets inhabit a wide range of parts of the world, including the United States, Asia, and Australia. It is a standard animal as a pet.


There are the following types of parakeets.

BudgerigarIt is strong, easy to breed, curious and cheerful, so it is especially recommended for beginners.
BudgerigarA parakeet with upright wings on its head and back.
CockatielThe charm points are the crests on the head and the orange color on the cheeks.
Rosy-faced lovebirdIt is also called a lovebird because it shows a deep affection for its partner.
Lilian’s lovebirdThe white eye ring and red beak around the eyes are cute.
Barred parakeetThe whole body is green and the feather pattern is like ripples.
ParrotletWhimsical and free-spirited personality.
Monk parakeetThe whole body is green, gray from the forehead / cheeks to the chest, and blue feathers on the wings.
Sun ConureThe whole body is bright yellow, and the face and abdomen are orange.
Eclectus parrotMales have red and yellow on the green, and females have blue on the red.
Gray parrotThe whole body is gray, white from the nose to the eyes, and has bright red tail feathers.
GalahThe head is white or light pink, the entire chest and abdomen from around the neck is dark pink, and the wings and tail feathers are gray.

Parakeet personality

Parakeets are very friendly and can be attached to people other than their owners and other animals. I am very curious and interested in various things. Sometimes I play alone.

Life of parakeets

Parakeets can live on average for about 7-8 years, but in some cases they have lived for more than 10 years.

Parakeet breeding

It lays a total of about 5 eggs twice in spring and autumn, once every other day. A chick is born about 20 days after spawning.

Parakeet breeding costs

It can be bred for around 5-10 $ with only food.

Parakeet breeding

A cage is required for parakeets.


Since food and water bowls are used every day, we recommend those that are easy to wash.


Perches are important breeding goods that are both chairs and beds for humans.


Parakeets are vulnerable to the cold and can die if proper cold measures are not taken in the winter. Please prepare a pet heater in advance.


A carry case is a must when going to a veterinary clinic.