Mental state when trading


What is your mental state when you are trading? Are you uplifting? Are you depressed? are you mad? When you can’t look at the chart calmly, it’s time to lose. There is a possibility that you can enter at will and win, but if you do not know where to take profit or where to withdraw, you will panic because you do not know what to do. If you do not enter after making a strategy, you will not get a good result. That is the trade.


Entry is dangerous when you are happy

Many people think that they should not enter when they are angry or sad. However, entry is dangerous even when you are excited or happy. This is because my feelings have been uplifted and I cannot calmly see the price movements in front of me.

No revenge entry

If you make an entry as a result of losing money in the latest entry, you will lose with a high probability. At this time, I am angry and my head does not work and I can not interpret the chart properly. If you can’t make a decision, don’t do it. Limited to this.

Be calm whether you win or lose

Even if you win big, you will not be overjoyed, and even if you lose big, you will be an advanced player if you can trade easily. Everyone is happy if they win, and sad if they lose. However, it is important that trading is always calm. The most important thing is whether you can continue to trade for a long time and survive rather than the immediate victory or defeat.

When you can’t be calm

What to do when you can’t see the price movement calmly? Let’s move away from the chart. Stay away from your smartphone or PC. The same is true when things go wrong. The more depressed a person is or the more he continues to lose, the sooner he wants to recover. In fact, the worse you are, the easier it is to get better results next time you are away from trading.