[Stocks, FX, virtual currency] Compatibility between game nerds and trade Winning Eleven


Winning Eleven is a soccer game sold by Konami Digital Entertainment. As of 2022, the cumulative number of series is over 112.5 million, making it a world-famous soccer game. Since it was developed in 1995, many works have been published. This game requires skill as the player controls a soccer player to play a soccer match. It is very similar to trading because you practice many times and learn the technique.


What is Winning Eleven?

Winning Eleven is a game that even beginners can easily understand and manage their favorite club team to become the strongest team. The movements of the players, the trajectory of the ball, the graphics, etc. are realistic as if you were watching an actual soccer broadcast, and you can make various movements, so it is very popular among soccer fans in a realistic game.


Winning Eleven Series

Winning Eleven has many games, and there are games that can be supported by many models. In recent years, smartphone apps have also been sold, and arcade games are also appearing. In 2021, it was announced that the series name after the next work will be changed to “eFootball” both in Japan and overseas. In the future, we expect to play against all compatible devices including smartphones and adopt a new engine developed based on Unreal Engine 4.


Trade with Winning Eleven

Winning Eleven is a fairly realistic game that requires a lot of practice to be successful in this game. By practicing repeatedly, you will be able to win. This process is the same for trading. You will be able to win by repeating the practice of any trade.


Winning Eleven needs to practice hard and hone his skills in order to win. Thorough practice is essential for that. You need to practice passing, running, dribbling, etc. This process is the same for trading. There are few people who can win suddenly even in a trade. You need to practice thoroughly to be able to win. Game nerds can practice until they can win, which makes them suitable for trading.


Winning Eleven will go through the process of accumulating and improving his own experience points by making many mistakes. This process is the same for trading. As for trading, you will learn many charts, price movement patterns, market properties, etc., and gradually you will be able to win. No one can win suddenly. Game nerds are good at trading because they can work hard.

the study

Winning Eleven is a game that reproduces a fairly realistic soccer game, and you can improve by practicing and studying until you can win. This process is the same for trading. The market price of trades also changes from day to day. By continuing to learn, you will be able to win.