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TITAN-FX is a Forex company established in 2014. It is a very attractive trader that can trade with a maximum leverage of 500 times, handling FX currency pairs 60, precious metals 11, energy 4, stocks 65, stock index 21 and can trade quite widely. The biggest selling point of this company is the narrow spread. Very suitable for those who want to scalping. The server environment is very strong, as we have service desks and data centers all over the world. This time, I am writing about the TITAN-FX company.


Company information

TITAN-FX is an FX brand operated by Titan FX Limited. The FX trading service will be available in 2014 and is an emerging Forex company.

Company NameTitan FX Limited
Headquarters location1st Floor, Govant Building, Kumul Highway Port Vila, Vanuatu
Business start date2014
number of employees50


A financial license is issued by the financial authorities of the country and is a permit for conducting a financial business. Without this, you cannot carry out business activities. The countries with strict examination standards in the world are said to be the United Kingdom and Cyprus. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has very strict not only license acquisition but also maintenance standards, such as having to compensate up to £ 85,000 per person in the event of a Forex trader’s bankruptcy. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) is said to be the second highest screening country after the United Kingdom. So is TITAN-FX licensed?

Company NameAcquisition license
TI Securities LimitedVanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC)

Whether or not withdrawal is refused

It will be the most worrisome place for traders who actually trade. There is no Forex company that refuses to deposit, but I am wondering if I can really withdraw when I can make a profit. There are companies that run away at worst, so what about TITAN-FX? The patterns of withdrawal refusals from past cases are summarized below.

Case studyContents
Withdrawal restrictions depending on the deposit methodFor example, if you deposit with a credit card, there is a rule that you must withdraw up to the same amount with the same card. If you violate it, your withdrawal will be refused.
Double-deckerBoth buildings are allowed, but both buildings using separate accounts are not subject to zero cut.
ArbitrageArbitrage trading is prohibited. There is a possibility that the account will be frozen.
Trades that put a load on the systemYou will be penalized if you trade many times at high speed.
Unsubmitted identity verification documentsWithdrawals cannot be made without submitting identity verification documents and address verification documents.
Margin maintenance rate of holding position is 90% or lessIf the margin falls below 90% while holding a position, the withdrawal will be refused.
Withdrawal exceeding the withdrawal limitTitanFX has a fixed daily withdrawal limit, and you cannot withdraw more than that limit.
Withdrawal if you have a positionYou can withdraw while you have a position, but the withdrawal amount must be 90% or less of your surplus margin.
Withdrawal of bonusBonuses cannot be withdrawn.