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Persian cats are native to Iran and give a slightly proud impression. It features a long, dense coat, a chunky body, and short legs, and is a cat that has the image of being well owned by millionaires. Persia is a breed that is often called the “King of Cats”, and there are still many owners. Traders in the Middle East and Africa tend to keep this cat, and it is said that especially wealthy people love it very much.


Place of origin

Persian cats are cats born in Iran.


The exact origin of the Persian cat is unknown. It is said to be a cat brought from Iran to Italy in the 1600s. Furthermore, there is a theory that it was brought from Turkey to Western Europe, and it is said that this is the origin of the current Persian cat. In the 1800s, Persian cats were systematically mated by breeders. Long-haired cats have gained popularity due to their charming appearance, repeatedly mating with cats from around the world. Persian cats were introduced at the world’s first large-scale cat show in London in 1871.


Persian cats are characterized by their long, thick coat, which is the highest volume. The eyes are large and round, and the nose is low and upward. Among cats, it is medium to large and has thick bones. The color of the eyes differs according to the coat color, and there are many such as “sapphire blue”, “gold”, and “green”. There are several types of Persian cats, which are divided into different types. Persian cats with “gold” or “silver” coat colors are called “chinchillas”. It is not officially recognized as an independent species, and is positioned as a type of Persian cat. One of the most popular cat breeds because of its beautiful coat. Adult cats weigh 3 to 5.5 kg for males and 3 to 5 kg for females.


Persian cats have a gentle and relaxed personality. As an adult, you will be less active and less squealing. I like to spend time quietly, and I don’t like being bitten or hugged by people. Therefore, it is recommended for people who like to watch rather than play with them. You will not feel lonely when you are on your answering machine, and you will be able to handle it without difficulty.


Persian cats are gentle, very easy to buy for beginners, and easy to train.


Persian cats are said to have a lifespan of 12-17 years. It tends to be longer than other cats.

Compatibility with traders

Traders can be very busy and in a hurry depending on the time of day. Among them, Persian cats are calm, so it is recommended for those who want to keep a sense of distance to some extent. It’s not a cat that will play with you all the time, but it’s a cat that I can recommend to those who are lonely because it will take care of it moderately. Persia has very fluffy hair, so it is also recommended for those who want to touch it. Middle Eastern traders tend to keep this Persia.

Breeding tools

If you have a Persian cat, make sure you have at least the following tools.

As for food, there is cat food, so please give it.

Cat food

Bring a carry bag when you go to the veterinary clinic.

Cat Carry bag

Toilet tools are a must for cats.

Cat Toilet

Let’s prepare a bed exclusively for cats.

Cat Bed

Cats are animals that do not exercise themselves, so it would be nice to have exercise equipment.

Cat Tower