[Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies] Healing ferrets necessary for investment traders


Traders are always under pressure, whether forex, stocks or cryptocurrencies. Unlike other professions, traders are constantly under great stress in professions where they always have to worry about big market flows. Traders are therefore a profession that needs healing. Ferrets are a popular small animal. Ferrets are Mustelidae and are characterized by a curious personality. Even if you keep one ferret, you will not feel lonely.


Traders are mentally burdensome professions

Whether it’s stocks, Forex or cryptocurrencies, the profession of a trader is under heavy load. People in the profession of such traders need moderate healing. It’s hard to live under the mental pressure every day. At such times, animals become partners who heal their hearts.


Ferrets are Mustelidae, have a long torso and short legs, and are characterized by a curious personality. Ferrets are often fond of humans. Ferrets are one of the most recommended animals for those who want to play with their pets as they are curious and love to play.


There are the following types of ferrets.

Marshall ferretMany of the bodies are relatively thin.
Mountain view ferretHe has a quiet personality with little biting habit.
Pass Valley FerretHe has a solid body and a round face.
Ruby ferretHe has a solid body and a round face.
Fur Farm Angora FerretA large body with plenty of hair.
Canadian ferretRound face, muscular body.
Angora ferretLarge and muscular body, unique nose shape.
New Zealand ferretUnique round face, black panda pattern around the eyes.

Ferret personality

Since ferrets are carnivorous animals by nature, they tend to have a biting habit. Ferrets are curious and love to play anyway. Therefore, it is necessary for the owner to play with them, so it is highly recommended for those who want to play with them.

Ferret life

Ferrets can live for about 5-10 years in captivity. We will enter old age at the age of 3-4.

Ferret breeding

Ferrets reach their breeding season from March to August. The ferret has a gestation period of about 42 days. A single birth may give birth to more than 10 animals.

Ferret breeding costs

Ferret breeding costs are very cheap. If you only pay for food, 50 $ a month is enough.

Ferret breeding

To live with a ferret, you will need a special breeding tool for the ferret. At a minimum, prepare the following items.

Cages should have a large bottom area, vertical lines and tight spacing.


For food, please prepare a ferret-only food.


Choose a heavy food container that will not turn over with the weight of the ferret.


Ferrets drink water. The water bottle type is recommended.


Ferrets tend to prefer the corners when toileting.