[Stocks, FX] Ukrainian situation and fluctuating exchange rates


As of the end of February 2022, Ukraine continues to be unilaterally attacked by Russia. In Ukraine, which was hit by a blitzkrieg, local cities have already been dominated by Russia. However, Russian troops do not seem to attack the general public so much and are in a surprisingly peaceful state in a controlled city. On the other hand, the fierce battle is in the capital Kiev and the Donbus region. Elite Ukrainian troops have been dispatched to Donbus, and the Russian army is struggling quite a bit. Weapons supplied from Western countries seem to be active, and the Russian army is struggling. There are more and more factors that cause major fluctuations in the exchange rate.


Ukraine receiving lend-lease from Europe and America

The Ukrainian army has received a large amount of weapons from the United States and Western European countries, and is using the latest weapons and is fighting surprisingly well. Russia has taken full control of Ukraine’s air superiority, but Russian troops are struggling in ground wars. It seems that one of the weapons used by the Ukrainian army, “Javelin,” is active. The Javelin is a guided missile with an accuracy of 94% and is a powerful missile that can penetrate the armor of tanks. This has significantly annihilated Russian tank troops. Indirectly, NATO and the United States are becoming involved in the war. If you are directly involved in the war, the market will surely change.

Putin and the impatience of the military

The Russian army’s speculation is that it wanted to settle in a few days after the war started. However, Russian troops are clearly struggling in major parts of Ukraine, and Putin seems to be insane. Putin says, “The Russians in Ukraine have been slaughtered, so a military operation to liberate them.” However, the fighting did not go as planned and it is finally beginning to attack the civilians of Ukraine. Kindergartens, hospitals and even residential condominiums have been attacked in Ukraine, killing many people, including children. Too much outrageous genocide is causing antipathy from the world. Putin, who did not go as originally planned, has fired the Russian Army Chief of Staff.

Anti-aggression demonstrations and refusals to send troops around the world

Apparently, this invasion was caused by Putin’s frenzy and some military runaway. The reason is that demonstrations blaming Russia all over the world and even in Russia are taking place. Demonstrators have been arrested and crushed by force by local Russian authorities, but the demonstrators are only intensifying. In addition, famous Russian athletes are also speaking out. After the match, Russia’s Rublev, who ranked 7th in the men’s tennis world ranking, wrote on the camera the message, “Stop the war, please.” Professional ice hockey league NHL star Ovechkin commented, “I don’t want you to go to war anymore.”

In Belgorod, Russia, about 5,000 Russian soldiers who gathered in a hurry to be sent to Ukraine rioted and refused to send troops to Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are like brothers. The real intention is that Russians have families in Ukraine and vice versa, so they do not want to be involved in just one-sided aggression and slaughter. In the first place, most of the Russian troops said that they “initially heard that it was a military exercise near the border” when they were dispatched. There is no reason to be morale for battle. On the other hand, Ukrainian soldiers participate in the battle with the thought of dying until they are prepared to die.

Exclude Russia from SWIFT

Until now, NATO and the United States have only been able to deal with weaknesses, but we are finally implementing full-scale economic sanctions. It was decided to exclude Russia from the International Interbank Communication Association of the international payment network. It will not suddenly hurt the Russian economy from tomorrow, but it will be a big hurt in the medium to long term. Although Germany and Italy were against it, they turned to a hard-line stance in favor of seeing a civilian attack by the Russian army. I criticized NATO and the US for their weakness the day before, but things are gradually changing. Whether Russia wins or loses the war, the country’s downfall is confirmed. In some cases, the country of Russia may disappear.

Beware of fluctuating exchange rates

In this way, the situation in Ukraine is changing rapidly every day, and the exchange rate and stock market may change accordingly. Aside from some scalping traders, day traders and swing traders should always follow the news. It’s no wonder that it’s a global emergency and it’s time for World War III.

The American fleet passed through the Taiwan Strait yesterday and is restraining the Chinese Communist Party. On some SNS, Russian troops are moving in Belarus, and there are also writings and videos gathering near the Polish border. In the unlikely event of an invasion of Poland, it will be a full-scale war with NATO, so this news also needs to be checked one by one. Putin is completely crazy right now, so I don’t know what to do. Traders should always check the news.