What you need to do to win Forex


Experience points, mental strength are important for Forex, but the most important thing to get a total plus. win is the reversal point. It is easy to achieve a lifetime total plus if the conversion point from selling to buying and buying to selling can be suppressed. Almost all professional traders know this reversal point. If you can control the turning point, you will need almost nothing else to learn. It is an essential skill to become a trader who can absolutely win. I have an article about what you can definitely win if you know this.


What is important at the turning point

Generally, in trading, the trend initial movement after conversion has the most momentum, and the price range can be taken. If you can get all of these points by trading, you will be able to get a lot in one trade even if you lose a little, and it will be difficult to lose. Depending on the timing of entry, it is possible to take a place where the withdrawal point (loss cut point) is short and the point to profit is long.

Where is the change point

It depends on whether it is short or long. The only thing I can say is that there is a big trend just before, it is easiest to win by aiming at the turning point from the viewpoint of probability theory. As a characteristic of exchange rates, when a large price range moves, it tends to cause a reaction. It uses that characteristic to capture the turning point. Since it works to return a lot because it was moving a lot most recently, if you can get that price range, you can get a considerable profit. I will show you an example of what can be a turning point.

When there are many beards on short legs

Looking at the points on a short-term basis, the tendency is more pronounced. The point is that the beard appears many times in the same direction, and it does not go up, down above the point where the beard appears. The beard part is a resistance wire, and because there are intense buying and selling, I will never let you go from that point. So it becomes a beard and begins to flip. This point is one of the points of interest.

Large transaction volume in the same price range

Pay attention to the black frame. When switching from buy to sell and from sell to buy, the positive , negative lines tend to overlap in the same price range. If you look at it on a short-term basis, this should be similar and there should be a remarkable tendency. This is evidence of a conflict between buying and selling, and if it reverses, it is likely to be here. In the unlikely event that you do not reverse and go forward, let’s be quiet and lose money.

Aiming to shift from a strong trend

If you aim at the price for the time being, the price range cannot be taken. The aim is to reach a point where the market will change in the market that has been moving significantly. This is because it returns a lot because it was moving a lot. Since you can get a large price range for that amount, even if you have a lot of stop-loss insurance, you can make up for it with one trade. However, be aware that even if you try this tactic in the range band, it will not fit very well.