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CoinEX is an overseas cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom. Bitcoin Cash is the key currency exchange. CoinEx handles 139 types of virtual currencies. Furthermore, the transaction fee is low and the flat rate is 0.1%, which is cheaper than other exchanges. Since it is an emerging company that was established in 2017, it will be named in the future. CoinEx is attracting attention as the world’s first exchange that uses Bitcoin Cash as its key currency.


Account opening

Only one of the following items is required to open a CoinEX account.

  • email address

Go to the official website and click “Sign Up”. After entering your e-mail address and password, read the terms and conditions, check them, and click the “Register” button to complete.

You can set up two-step verification. Account page Select Google two-step verification. You will be asked to verify your identity by email, so click Get Verification Code to verify your email. Enter the verification code to proceed. Scan the QR code with Google Authenticator, enter the 6-digit number displayed, and click Associate.

Transaction system

The following transactions are possible.

  • In-kind trading
  • Leverage trading

Transaction fees

With CoinEX, you can trade with a commission of 0.1%. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges, and transaction fees vary from free to 0.3%. As a discount, the commission on the transaction amount is often discounted.

CoinEx0.1% 0.1%
Bitfinex 0.1%~0.2% ~
KuCoin 0.1%0.1%
coinbase Free0.3~0.1%

Currency pair

CoinEX handles 139 types of currencies and handles 353 types of virtual currency pairs. The following is an example, but you can trade many other coins. Please check the official page as the coins handled may change each time.

Brands handled

Scalping trade

Scalping trades are allowed in CoinEX. However, please be careful. Unlike foreign exchange, the price range of virtual currencies is very volatile. If you go the other way, be sure to decide the withdrawal point. If you go the other way, you may lose all your money.

Automatic trading is at your own risk

Recently, some people are selling automatic trading systems that support CoinEX. However, automated trading carries great risks. When a one-sided trend appears, the unrealized loss becomes large and all the principal is often skipped. Furthermore, in the case of virtual currencies, trends are more likely to occur than foreign exchange, and price range fluctuations are more likely to occur. You may lose all your money in one trade, so please understand before deciding whether or not to do it. Discretionary trading is recommended.

Low risk, low return for beginners

Beginners should not be familiar with cryptocurrency FX yet, so let’s start with low risk and low return.