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[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options, Online Casino] Pay attention to Southeast Asia travel and tourism Chinese investment fraud group

Investment fraud is on the rise in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is the most developed region in the world, with a large number of capitals gathering in recent years. Against this background, more and more people are traveling to Southeast Asia, but on the other hand, the reality is that investment fraud stories are rapidly increasing. Chinese investment fraud groups are expanding in Southeast Asia and deceiving foreigners with various methods.

[Stock, FX] Trend after range

The exchange rate in March 2022 was a very fluctuating market. In particular, the yen's exchange rate surged and became very rough. Perhaps because of such a turbulent March, the full range market has continued for two days in April. As expected, the market is tired and it seems like we are taking a rest.

[Stocks, FX, virtual currencies] Signals for trend change

I mentioned earlier in the article below that you can see a certain trend in the chart at the turning point from a big trend in Forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies.