[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options, Online Casino] Beware of investment fraud using the invasion of Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine will begin in 2022, and the world is imposing economic sanctions against Russia. And now, more than half a year later, Ukraine is launching a reverse counteroffensive and cornering Russia. However, investment fraud that takes advantage of this situation has become a serious problem all over the world. A fraudulent group pretending to be a local soldier or a resident pretending to raise funds and defrauding them of money is operating behind the scenes.

FX Ukraine situation and next week’s market forecast

As of February 2022, tensions between Russia and Ukraine are still ongoing. At one point, news of the withdrawal of the Russian army seemed to lead to a complete convergence, but the Russian army has 200,000 soldiers near the border with Ukraine, and it is strange that a war will occur at any time. There is no situation.

Stocks, FX Reasons for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and future market forecasts

Have you ever wondered why Russia can invade Ukraine openly? After World War II, the number of countries that used force to invade other countries has decreased, with the exception of Russia today. It has different backgrounds.