Japanese Yen


[Stocks, FX] Japanese Yen Limit Operation and Impact

In 2022, the collapse of the Japanese yen will not subside. Japan has been in a terrible situation since the Kishida administration, and the Japanese yen has always been sold. The Bank of Japan is also stubbornly inducing the depreciation of the yen, and there is suspicion that it intends to destroy Japan intentionally. Meanwhile, on April 20, 2022, the Bank of Japan announced that it would carry out a limit operation to buy unlimited government bonds at the specified yield from the 21st to the 26th.

[Stocks, FX] Interest rate hike trend and Japanese yen

The foreign exchange market is still selling Japanese yen unilaterally. One of the reasons for this is that the world trend is leaning toward raising interest rates. Interest rate hikes such as the US dollar, New Zealand dollar, and pound have been announced one after another, but on the other hand, the Japanese yen is not bought at all because the Bank of Japan is inducing a depreciation of the yen.

[Stock, FX] New Coronavirus Omicron XE and Japanese Yen

The coronavirus that started in 2019 and confused the world. I thought it would fit in soon, and new models are on the market again. The exchange rate fluctuated in November 2021. This is because the Japanese yen and the US dollar were bought due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus called Omicron strain.