[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options] Investment Online Salon Fraud Introducing Friends and Acquaintances

Investment salons seem to be very trendy in recent years. This is a case where investment instructors take the initiative to recruit students, teach them how to invest, and force them to purchase investment products. It is very dangerous as such scam salons tend to proliferate all over the world. In particular, there are many cases of being solicited to such fraud salons by introductions of acquaintances and close friends.

[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options, Online Casinos] Beautiful women are a sign of fraud

Investment scams are very sophisticated and are evolving day by day. Scammers are using various means to defraud money and escape. Recently, as a means of fraud, there has been an increase in putting photos of completely different people on profiles. Especially if there is a picture of a handsome or beautiful woman, you should think that it is a scam with a high probability.

[Investment Fraud] Instagram Investment Lecture Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options

There are many accounts of beautiful and handsome people who advertise that they often give investment lectures on Instagram. Many people think that there are many suspicious things and there is no real thing. There are many scammers in investment lectures, and if you are deceived, only your money will be taken. Be vigilant against such things.

Forex operation fraud

There will be many people who want to win in Forex. However, in reality, only about 10% can win in Forex. This is not easy to win because Forex is an investment that requires skill and experience. Therefore, some people think that they can easily win by using shortcuts. Under such circumstances, the FX operation service that has been born is a professional trader who entrusts funds and operates them instead.

Instagram: Investment solicitation and fraud

Instagram is now a popular social network alongside Twitter. However, it is also known that there are many scammers who use this SNS. There are many investment frauds, and there are a wide variety of fraudulent acts such as FX, stocks, virtual currencies, investment trusts, deposits, insurance, and many people are deceived.

Twitter: Investment solicitation and fraud

On Twitter, there are bad guys who charge a lot for various investment products such as FX, stocks, virtual currencies, investment trusts, deposits, real estate, insurance and so on. Be aware that there are so many scammers who cheat money with solicitations that anyone can make money without skill or experience.

Investment fraud: Ponzi scheme

Do you know the word Ponzi scheme? It is one of the most difficult investment scams to detect. This scam was created by the famous American scammer Charles Ponzi and is still the mainstream scam for over 100 years. It is used for general investment such as deposits, insurance, automatic FX trading, stocks, investment trusts, so be careful if you are investing.

[Stocks, FX, virtual currency] Investment solicitation and fraud on SNS

In the past, media such as television and newspapers were the source of information, but nowadays, SNS is becoming the main source of information due to the spread of smartphones and the evolution of software and hardware. Among them, there are many people who use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.