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[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options, Online Casino] Reasons why online salons and lectures do not improve

Investment lectures and solicitations for investment salons are frequently held on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. This is an article for those who are interested in these posts, but there are many very dangerous ones, so be careful. There are many cases where you will be charged a large amount of money or develop into trouble, so think carefully before doing it.

[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options, Online Casino] Pay attention to Southeast Asia travel and tourism Chinese investment fraud group

Investment fraud is on the rise in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is the most developed region in the world, with a large number of capitals gathering in recent years. Against this background, more and more people are traveling to Southeast Asia, but on the other hand, the reality is that investment fraud stories are rapidly increasing. Chinese investment fraud groups are expanding in Southeast Asia and deceiving foreigners with various methods.

[Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options, Online Casino] Beware of investment fraud using the invasion of Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine will begin in 2022, and the world is imposing economic sanctions against Russia. And now, more than half a year later, Ukraine is launching a reverse counteroffensive and cornering Russia. However, investment fraud that takes advantage of this situation has become a serious problem all over the world. A fraudulent group pretending to be a local soldier or a resident pretending to raise funds and defrauding them of money is operating behind the scenes.

[Investment Fraud] Instagram Investment Lecture Stocks, Forex, Virtual Currency, Binary Options

There are many accounts of beautiful and handsome people who advertise that they often give investment lectures on Instagram. Many people think that there are many suspicious things and there is no real thing. There are many scammers in investment lectures, and if you are deceived, only your money will be taken. Be vigilant against such things.

[Investment fraud] Fraud schemes for Twitter stocks, Forex, virtual currencies, and binary options

Along with Instagram, Twitter is currently the most popular social network. It can be used for hobbies, advertising, etc., but we know that there are many people who use it for fraudulent purposes. There are scammers trying to trick you every day, trying to trick you out of money, so be careful.

[Investment fraud] Solicitation of Forex, stocks, virtual currency, and binary options on Instagram

SNS is very developed in modern society. Facebook may be on the decline, but Twitter and Instagram are very active and are tools that are widely used by both young and old. However, there are many people who do not know that investment fraud using this convenient SNS is occurring frequently.