Forex automatic trading Reasons for not winning


Forex automatic trading tools that have been seen here for the past few years. Revenues are posted on SNS etc. as images, posts that appeal to the explosive profits are very noticeable. Be careful as you will be skillfully deceived with sweet words such as a 90% win rate or a monthly explosion. But no one has won this tool for a long time. Cheap ones are free, expensive ones have over 1 million software. As I said earlier, purchasing such a tool is definitely not recommended. I will explain the reason later, but there is nothing in the world that can easily beat. The automatic trading tool has a function to automatically enter one by one if it goes backwards to some extent, but if the chart moves in one direction, unrealized losses will accumulate, it will become unbearable and all funds will be skipped. If a strong trend occurs, there is a high probability that you will run out of funds. Therefore, never use it.


You can’t make money by leaving it alone

Do busy people such as office workers have such a dream? “How happy it would be if profits were accumulated by leaving it unattended while working.” People who have such an idea tend to start working on automatic trading tools such as stocks and Forex. However, if you can easily earn money from such a thing, I think that salaried workers are almost extinct from the world. Why are most of the people in the world working as office workers? I would like you to notice here. Forex automatic trading tools are not popular because you can’t win easily.

Forex automatic trading tool Reason 1 for not winning

I will explain one by one from here why the Forex automatic trading tool can not win. The first reason is that the market is not driven by logic alone.

The market price is created by people’s fear, joy, anxiety, relief. The shape of the chart is not constant. Therefore, even professional traders do not know how to move in the immediate future. A world where even professional traders take it for granted. There is no way to earn money by leaving it alone without losing money.

Forex automatic trading tool Reason 2 for not winning

The second reason why automated trading tools can’t win is high risk, low return. The monthly profit of the automatic trading tool is 5-10% at most. Tools with high profit margins claim to win 50-70%, but they are trading at a fairly high risk, so a small trend will wipe them out in full. On the other hand, if a strong trend occurs, you run the risk of losing the entire amount with just one trend. It’s too high risk.

Forex automatic trading tool Reason 3 for not winning

The third reason I can’t win is that I have no strategy. Professional traders make entries after thinking to some extent, but automatic trading tools make entries without thinking. If you enter in the opposite direction at the timing when a clear trend appears, the unrealized loss will only increase and it will be a tough battle.

Forex automatic trading tool singing phrase

The slogan of the Forex automatic trading tool is as follows.

Win rate 90% or more ⇒ Even if the win rate is 99%, there is always the possibility that funds will fly with the remaining 1%. The profits that you have accumulated steadily become water bubbles in just one trade.

Monthly profit ⇒ Since the exchange has the property of returning when it moves, there are months when you can make a profit if that pattern fits. However, if a big trend like October 2021 occurs, all the funds will surely disappear.

Highly reproducible ⇒ This is a word often used in other investment frauds.

Anyone can do it ⇒ This is also a word often used in other investment frauds.