Do not entry when chart immediately after upped or downed.


Hello, I live in Tokyo, Japan. I work in pharma chemical industry. When I have time, I do swing trade. It has been one year since I got enough benefit. I would like to share my experience with you how to win foreign exchange.

Today article is jumping trade that are common problem in beginner.


Do not jump trade

This is the dollar yen chart on OCT-18-2021. Let is stop entry after falling like a blue frame. It is a typical behavior pattern that almost losers make an entry.

As shown in the blue frame, once the chart goes up, half percent has the property of returning once.

①Entry before going

You should enter when the chart is rubbing before it moves a lot. If you enter without going, there is an advantage that you can take.

②Entry after returning

Let is enter with a red circle point. Once it goes up, that chart will always be returned. It is recommended to enter after returning.