Chart moves

It is very difficult to predict short term movement. Famous statistician clarified short term prediction is difficult. However, it is also true that there are some patterns in long term leg. In this article, I would like to mention two types chart pattern by using long term leg.


Downed. Upped. It happened suddenly.

15-10-2021 dollar yen pair day term leg

Dollar yen pair in day term leg. It is suddenly rising rapidly. It is rare explosion phenomenon in FX history. Pound yen pair raised nine yen. Australia dollar yen pair raised 8 yen just one week. However, when it is time to explode at once like this, it is destiny to have a big reaction.

22-10-2021 dollar yen pair day term leg

This is dollar yen pair next weekend. When chart moves unilaterally, there is a high probability that repulsion will occur. Please be careful all might return fully.

Downed. Upped. It happened slowly.

This is opposite pattern. Let is see what happens when the chart moves slowly.

07-2021 dollar yen pair day term leg.

This pattern is slow raise with mixture of inversions. It is highly possible that the uptrend will continue when the price rises while receiving a small rebound. It is necessary to analyze calmly rather than riding on the immediate price movements.